Our ability to provide a holistic, one stop shop solution for the client, while we watch them grow, is what sets apart our emerging companies services. Our collaborations with a multitude of professional’s help provide timely guidance in setting up/ starting a company.
Being a growing association of lawyers, we are ever considerate of these struggles faced by other young organizations.

Here are some of the distinctive ways in which we seek to engage with emerging companies;

  • First and foremost, we pledge to understand (in laywo(man) terms of course) how the technology works. We strongly believe that a thorough understanding of the business is a prerequisite for providing sound legal advice.
  • Amalgamated guidance commencing from setting up the company till the stage of funding/private placements/IPOs and mergers. This brings within its fold legal advice on good governance practices that builds eventual investor confidence.
  • We also provide you with informed intuition for development of an envious pitch deck and other investor materials to aid with fundraising.
  • Provide all of the above with your cost in mind, not ours.
  • And most importantly, be your rainy-day advisor.

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