With the onset of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, a new era for restructuring companies unable to pay their debts arose. Since the system is not adversarial, it provides great scope for negotiated and creative settlements and solutions. We try to look for a business solution first.

We advise and represent creditors, debtors, resolution professionals, liquidators and resolution applicants. We also represent debtors’ boards of directors and/or special director sub-committees.

The insolvency and bankruptcy practice is unique in the sense that it requires legal handholding from its inception till such time the corporate debtor is restructured, liquidated or otherwise out of the clutches of the insolvency, through a negotiated settlement, keeping in mind that time is of the essence in such situations.

A major facet of this law includes liquidation, which is generally seen as closing of gates for the Company. However, we specialize in this particular area and open several advantageous situations for the Company and the suspended board in this regard. In consultation with our financial and management experts, we ensure we structure a legally sound solution for our clients, even during their most distressed situations.

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