Our ADR practice acknowledges that some civil cases are best resolved without a typical trial. This provides greater leeway for client autonomy and enables one to take advantage of a private court system, where arbitrator/arbitrators are dedicated to resolving exclusively the dispute of the client. Our practice extends to handholding clients through their mediation hearings, and representing clients in arbitrations.


    After the parties to the dispute present their respective positions, one or more neutral mediators will submit non-binding settlement value. Moderators can provide an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position. This can be the basis for a formal resolution that is acceptable to both parties in the dispute. The mediation can be opted as a pre-requisite to litigation/arbitration.

    In fact, mediation has gained necessary traction given the fact that legislations such as the Commercial Courts Act, 2015, provides for pre litigation mediation. We offer strategy advice and general legal counsel for clients to effectively explore mediation


    One of the sought after methods of dispute resolution especially in commercial contracts, we offer time sensitive and cost effective services in relation to the same. We represent clients in arbitrations in a wide range of disputes including interpretation of commercial contracts, franchise agreements, sale purchase and marketing agreements, joint venture agreements, distributorship agreements, hotel management agreements, disputes under construction and development contracts, financial services agreements including loans etc.

    One or more arbitrators, chosen by mutual consent or otherwise by court appointment, hear and decide the dispute.

    We also represent clients in Indian court proceedings relating to arbitration including appointment of arbitrators and challenging the appointment of arbitrators, seeking and securing interim relief and defending the opposite side’s request for interim relief. We also represent clients in court proceedings relating to the challenge to the Arbitration Awards passed in India and enforcement/execution of Arbitration Awards including Foreign Awards.

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